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Know your mind

Neuractive makes mindfulness more accessible by connecting next-generation hearables to the brain.

What we do

Next-generation hearables

Working with our audio partners, Neuractive uses in-ear brain activity sensing to create a personalised mindfulness experience.

Made to measure

Everyone's mind works differently and we use this to our advantage. Our technology provides passive analysis and recommendations for improved:

- Stress levels

- Focus and productvitiy

- Cognitive performance

- Sleep quality

How we help

Visualise mental state

Assisted meditation

Improved productivity

Track wherever you need to

Personalised optimisation



About us

We are a small team of neuroscience researchers, product designers and wellness enthusiasts on a mission to make mindfulness more accessible to everyone.

EEG uses small sensors to record the electrical signals produced when your brain cells send messages to each other. Using this electrical activity, we are able to detect patterns in your brain's activity and use these to optimise your performance.

... or EEG for short


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